28-Day AyurVedic Spring Cleanse

Hormonally Balanced, Fit, and Ageless

Enrollment ends March 22nd at Midnight EST

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I have done juicing, smoothies, fasting, etc ...

How's this different?

  • NO Juicing
  • NO Protein Shake Powders
  • NO Restricting 'Calories'
  • NO Detox powders or products to sell here

This is a holistic cleanse based on the wisdom of ancient medicine and modern medicine, let me illustrate what I mean:

Our Psychology (mind + emotions) effects our Physiology (body), and vice versa. To "HEAL" is to address what's going on in our bodies, what's happening in our mind, and issues in our tissues (more on that during the course).  Quick Fixes or temporary solutions are not a way to heal, they are ways to prolong healing.

Here is your mind & body on a juice, shake, or other restrictive detoxes:

Here is your mind & body on the 28-Day AyurVedic Spring Detox:

You'll HEAL on Cellular level, Balance your Nervous system's functioning, and do it while having delicious-satiating meals, while:

  • Optimize Your Digestion for better Metabolism
  • Decongest Your Lymphatic system for better Toxins' Release
  • Heal You Gut (Intestinal Wall) for better Nutrient Absorption
  • Balance Your Hormones & Shed unwanted Weight
  • Balance Your Nervous System for Optimal Mental and Emotional Functioning
  • & So much more ...

Before doing the Ayurvedic cleanse, I struggled with cravings, anxiety, and low energy. The cleanse does what it claims, gives your system a reset: my cravings are gone, I wake up energized and can maintain it throughout the day, and no more jitters! So what are you waiting for, sign up!

Julia B.  Educator, Brick, NJ

Years of seasonal allergy, money wasted on antihistamines and doctor visits for allergy tests is over for me. I highly recommend investing in this cleasne.

Joanne P.  Madison, NJ

I recommended the 28-day cleanse to my son who had just graduated college and was struggling with emotional distress, weight gain, acne and fatigue. His was able to lose the weight, have the energy to prepare for his GRE, and passed it too. A well-worth investment.

Sue, X.  Piscataway, NJ

Enrollment ends March 22nd at Midnight EST

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Hi, I am Mahmooda.  I am a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach for women with Hormonal Imbalances.  I help women achieve hormonal balance and optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle shifts using the principles of Ayurveda - world's oldest system of Natural-Holistic Medicine.  I am looking forward to be part of your healing journey!

Here Is a Glimpse into the Course:

Week#1: Preparation Phase

You'll get clear on your goal for the cleanse and commit to customize specific actions to incorporate in your daily routine to prepare your mind & body for the days ahead. You'll download you're beautifully prepared guide with shopping list and recipes. You'll shop for your ingredients for the cleanse program.

Week#2: Cleanse Phase

You will begin the actual cleanse. We'll discuss your experiences during Cleanse: physical, emotional, and mental during this week's class. Q & A call on Thursday of the Week.

Week #3 - Cleanse diet and Exercises

You'll continue on actions from week 1 and week 2, we will add some exercise suggestions this week during the class, and address any concerns you may have.  Q & A call on Thursday!

Week #4 - Re-Introduction phase

You'll continue with week 1, week 2, and week 3 Actions. We'll discuss re-introducing some foods back to your diet slowly and beginning a self-discovery journey.  You'll learn to eliminate and keep foods that your body enjoys having. Q & A on Thursday after class.

Week #4 - Your Mind-Body Specific Diet

You'll continue with week 1, week 2, week 3 and Week 4 Actions. We'll discuss your self-discovery journey, your challenges in this class.  You'll learn how to customize your diet to fit your mind-body type.  Q & A call on Thursday after class.

Enrollment ends March 22nd at Midnight EST

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